Toddler Teeth

"It's only a small filling required, so it will probably be ok without an injection of anaesthetic. What do you think?"

Probably? Probably?! Numb my face now!!

Scraping, poking, jabbing - all while a hoover is trying to suck debris from my mouth... but is mainly sucking up my tongue. When my tongue needs to not be in the way, it suddenly trebles in size. 


Ten years of orthodontics means I should be a professional when it comes to lying on chairs and being able to swallow with my mouth open and being brave in the face of scary masked dentists. Ha! And I should have perfectly white, straight teeth? Double ha!

How I despised that Orthodontist - and not just for being the facilitator of the tightening of the brace. But mainly because he didn't believe that my dog had chewed up my retainer. Twice.

And the trips to the hospital to have teeth forcibly evicted from my face. Not a fan.


So, I went for the 'please numb my face, I don't care if I drool' option. I am so glad I did. Oh the cavity was small, but it "went downwards like a tunnel". I couldn't feel my right ear, but the stabbing and scraping in my molar, OH YES!

"Must be close to a nerve. Sorry."

(You will be.)


Elis loves brushing his teeth, or at least he loves sucking on the toothbrush and swallowing the minty goodness. Hello fluoride. Its probably a good time to initiate the spit as much foam as you can into the sink and whoever spits the most is the winner game. This game made me brush and brush and brush my teeth to ensure my mother didn't beat me for many a year. (From my new-found parenting point of view, my mother was definitely the true winner.) 

I do so hope that Elis' experiences with the dentist are nothing but pleasant. I hope that my stupid big teeth in a little mouth problem doesn't plague him also. I hope that he grows up knowing how important it is to take good care of his teeth. 

And I hope that I hide my fear of the dentist very convincingly. Because I want my little boy to be forever fearless. 

Elis George is 2 years and 7 months old. He currently has 16 out of his 20 allotted baby teeth. The remaining four are hiding and are not yet tormenting me (or him) with any sleepless nights. He has visited the dentist twice, received three stickers, and opened his mouth for them zero times. (Sigh).

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  1. I hate the dentist I just had an op to have wisdom teeth removed and I so wish my little ones don't go through all the trouble I have. Lovely post xx


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