Happy Nana Day

Mothering Sunday.

The day that my son face-planted into the patio after testing how his ride-on tractor would cope with steps. (Not very well).

His small nose is swollen and red, and there will most definitely be some prolific bruising. But no permanent damage and no hospital visit required. 

Aside from the above, today was relaxing and filled with sunshine and outdoor playtime. Woodlice were petted, ants chased and bamboo sticks carried around like spears. We sprawled out on the deck and built trains from wood pieces, before casting off our jumpers as the day warmed ever more.

 Cups of juice to wash down our blueberry and banana snacks as we stared at the trees and tried to spot birds.

Lining up the footballs, one, two, three. I kick them against the wall and coax my small person to do the same. "Calm down, Mama! Hold hand! Come on Mama!" He guides me back to the trains. Everything is trains. Bamboo sticks. Pebbles. Sticklebrick pieces.

I pointed out the buds, the bark, the branches. We found a ladybird, following her around until attention spans took us elsewhere to discarded Robin eggs and songbird feathers.  A pile of insulation and a sheet of wood become a make-shift slide. Up, down, up, down.

Grandad's garden has such possibilities for a toddler imagination such as his (and a Mama imagination such as mine).

A cooked dinner courtesy of Nana. Oh how we do love Nana and her way of mothering both toddler and I. Provider of cuddles, medicine and pudding as required. 

"Nana Thursday" - the name has become; the day on which they eat bananas and count lorries, point at birds and learn about glove boxes and hazard lights before finally entering nursery together. Weekends are for food shopping, licking the beaters after making the fluffy mashed potatoes and singing songs whilst leaning against the kitchen side. Final cuddles as the small person is carried to his car seat.

Today was a day for Nana's too.
"Love you lots Nana. See you Thursday".
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  1. Great fun in Nana's garden exploring and having creative fun, it's amazing what items children find to use in their imaginative play! I'm glad you had a wonderful Mothers Day and thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  2. Looks like he had a great time exploring :)