Two years and a little bit more.

You are two Elis. Two and a little bit more. Twenty six months, almost.

You count to twenty, although for some reason skipping out the number thirteen. You don't really understand how to count things yet. Everything is 'two' as far as you're concerned, which is fine when I am asking you how many eyes you have - less so when I am referring to the number of fingers or toes.

Songs, oh how you love to sing! I love when you burst into song and I am sat guessing which song it actually is. You keep asking me for 'rock rock boat' at the moment, I still have no idea what that is. Baa baa black sheep, the alphabet, the rainbow, incy-wincy spider. But woe-betide if I begin a nursery rhyme that you do not wish to sing, "NO mama, NOOOO. Baa baa SHEEP!". Ok, then.

You are smitten with transport. Transport of any kind. As we trundle along in the car you look out of the window shouting "BUS, VAN, LORRRRRRRY" and when we are really stuck with a poor selection "CAR... CAR..... AGAIN CAR! ..... CAR GONE......... A VAAAAAAAAAAAN". We spend a disproportionate amount of our time together in the car and I still don't tire of you doing this. I am grateful for a motorbike going past every now and again though. 

The moon is also a favourite of yours - although you do still refer to it as "THE NOOOON MAMA, LOOK, NOOOOOOOOOON". I'm sure you are baffled as to how the moon appears everywhere - it is there when we are at Nana's house - and then it follows us all the way home. I wonder how many moons you think are up there in the sky.

(Just to note, you do not yet have an 'indoor voice' - the caps lock throughout this post is entirely necessary.)

Every bear that you come across is Pooh Bear. You do love Pooh Bear. Although you love trains more. There has been many a morning where you have taken your trains to nursery. Leaving you there is bad enough, but to then prise your little trains from your hands. I just can't do it. So off they trot in your hot little hands. (I'm sure you are playing me for a fool.) Donald, Gordon and Percy are your favourite trains and you push them up and down your orange train tracks. "ORANGE..... TOOO-gether............................. PEEEAS". I have to admit, when you learn to put these train tracks together yourself, I will be rather grateful. 

Your favourite food is still blueberries. One day, you will turn blue. But you are a good eater. Your latest obsession is dates. I love that you love to eat, and I love even more that what you love to eat are good things. I love that when you ask for "CAKEEE" you are quite happy to receive a seed bar. Long may this continue. 

I love your imagination. I love that you pick up your building blocks and make a train, pushing it around the floor. I love all of your animal noises - especially your monkey impression with little arm actions. I love that the noise you want to make most is the "MOOOOOOOOOOOO" of the cow, and you have to really control yourself when I ask for a different animal. We have finally distinguished between cows and horses, although I blame some of your odd looking toys for how long it has taken us to do that.

Every age is better than the last. You know so many words now, and I can talk to you! We talk about how it shall soon be "MISS-MUSS" little boy, less than two weeks to go. I think it shall be a good "miss-muss" - and you are still yet to understand about Father Christmas! Although you did meet him this week in nursery. I was told that you were rather displeased about having to put down your mince pie to sit on his knee. If you knew what his job was, I'm sure you'd have been far keener.

Long may our fun and games continue and may this weekend be filled with a few less sniffles, (although your "MESS YOUUUUU's" make all of the sneezes worthwhile.) Night night Elis, see you in the morning.

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