Back to blogging from the phone - or it will never happen. Am currently sat in bed. Yesterday I thought I would be cunning and bring that old fashioned pen and paper ensemble; it doesn't sit within the technology category that Elis is so overtly interested in lately and therefore my toddler should not be interested.

Oh, but he was.

He grabbed first pen and then paper. He looked at what I had written with disdain and then, in a manner which gave me a rather startling throw-back to GCSE English, he shook his head and scribbled. Everywhere. He then handed both items back. This process continued a number of times until he became so frustrated that he handed me his Spot book instead.

"Writing just isn't for you Mama. I think you should stick with lifting the flaps. Let me know if you need help."

I could see it in his eyes.


We had a lovely weekend in Southampton. There was sunshine interspersed with ICE RAIN. Too hard for snow, too soft for hail. Sleet? Perhaps. ICE RAIN? Definitely! Elis ambled about my brother's flat, guzzled raisins, investigated all technology within your grasp and watched Doctor Who.

There are two important points here. Firstly, raisins. They are now my emergency staple. They are a miracle cure for tantrums big and small. A noisy, scrunchy bag filled with tiny edible items which fit delightfully well into chubby toddler hands! What is not to like? If you want raisins, I will have them about my person - and probably everywhere else besides. I was unable to fasten the car seat buckle only to find two raisins jammed into the lock. I am trying to embrace it in the same way as one might an Easter egg hunt. Yes, that is what I am doing.

And "within your grasp". Things are becoming increasingly so. Mostly when I am not looking. Chubby handprints on a television screen far above a toddlers grasp - piece that together with the footprints on the adjacent table and an interesting picture starts to form. The dog's favourite resting place on Grandma and Grandpa's window sill has also taken your liking. More handprint evidence - those grubby mits will give you away every time champ!

Southampton has a common. A very large common. Your Uncle and I walked all around it while you whinged from within your comfortable pushchair with accompanying rain cover Elis - (I've mentioned the ice rain right?). The clouds parted and we played on the swings. There is something very liberating and reckless about swinging really high. It also reminded me why children have either very scuffed shoes or copious injuries. Stopping a swing is hard work!

We ventured into the town and braved a shopping centre on a Saturday. Quite possibly madness, but I had a hankering for doughnuts. Yes, Elis, I shared with you. You had your first taste of glorious deep fried dough. You let far too much miss your mouth though! Doughnuts are a precious commodity. I had to do all I could to resist the urge to snatch it back off you; far too casual Elis. 

There was much relaxing, much computer game playing, much eating. My childhood skills at Mario have not waned. However they have been replaced by newfound Pikmin skills. No, really. I am brilliant at being a little Pikmin (?) and thwacking enemies with a leaf which I keep on, or perhaps it grows out of, my head. Elis, you ambled around with your own Wii remote believing that it was you controlling these poor little creatures. The sad thing is that if I replaced the batteries in your little remote, I'm sure your skills would surpass mine. Your technology addiction managed to lock me out of my phone for an entire hour on the weekend. Thank you Elis.

Minor bouts of cleaning took place. I'm not sure what came over me. Perhaps I suddenly felt the need to repay the years of big sister bullying that I carried out as a child. 

The weekend finished with a road trip back to Newport with fewer mistakes made than on the way there. We don't need to dwell on that though - we were heading south, that was all that mattered. The clue was in the name.  ((Southampton)). A play-off semi against Grimsby capped off our weekend , sealing another exciting trip to Wembley.

Elis George, you are two weeks shy of 19 months old. You are very much enjoying music lately and when up-beat songs come on you clap your hands in a very 'warming up the crowd' manner. On Sunday you shall visit Wembley for the second time in 12 months; this clapping phase will be very welcome there. You have yet to see a month of May without a trip to Wembley to watch Newport County play. Long may this continue little boy.


And on one final note - everyone should go to Greenmeadow Farm because of the happy-making tweet that they posted. And because it has lambs and goats. No really, look how many toddler giggles there are because of the cute little things. And don't worry - we washed our hands afterwards.

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